What’s That I (Don’t) Smell?


For years, reporters in the WHAM 1180 radio newsroom in Rochester, New York, documented the wackiest emergency calls overheard on the police scanner:

Emitting some kind of odorless odor.”

Two dogs are in the house. Yup, that’s what it says. I don’t know if they rung the bell.”

Family trouble. The in-laws pulled knives on them.”

Bite me.”

Inhaled foot powder and now he’s unresponsive.”

Complainant took off on foot. Name is Sweet Pea.”

Tried to rob the store with a rock.”

Woman with a beard sitting in the middle of the road not responding to car horns.”

Tried to throw Mom out the window.”

Standing on a corner wearing a brown winter jacket, asking people for money.”

We are investigating a guy jumping into a moving car window.”

Jumping in front of cars, walking in circles in the parking lot.”

I’m at Emerson and Dewey with a naked female.”

He’s a 61-year-old male known as Kurt the Troll.”


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