A Lowe’s Home Improvement Horror Story


My experience with Lowe’s Home Improvement stores was like Groundhog Day. Not in a Bill Murray PG comedy sort of way…

…but as in a SAW horror franchise, where you’re forced to murder your way out of the nightmare.




I’d signed a contract with Lowe’s for installation of a custom kitchen countertop and other items. The whole thing was a debacle from the start, when they told me that I couldn’t get the countertop I’d paid for, but I wouldn’t have to pay extra for the higher priced one, because they’d already overcharged me and didn’t tell me about it.

And it went downhill from there.

I registered my complaints about the local store by sending an old fashioned letter to corporate. That would be an outlet for my angst.

Instead, they punished me.

All I ever wanted was someone to talk to me about my concerns and pretend to listen. Merely the appearance of someone caring about this horrible experience would’ve placated me.

I mysteriously began receiving phone calls from “Lakyn” with Lowe’s Executive Support in North Carolina. She wouldn’t state the nature of her call, and every time I called back, I’d get her answering machine.

Lakyn eventually left a message stating she would be in charge of notifying me of my countertop production status. Who would be the person assigned to listen to my concerns?

No one.

I left a message for Lakyn telling her I did not want her contacting me about production status, because someone else had been doing that. I asked her to call and hear the concerns outlined in my letter, which included a request that someone go over my estimate to make sure other items were not “accidentally” inflated.

That phone call never came.

Neither did the countertop.

At the direction of the Lowe’s employee who’d written up the contract, I’d purchased items to match the custom countertop, including non returnable custom tinted paints. The kitchen would need to be painted prior to installation.

By the date the countertop was supposed to have arrived and already been installed, it was glaringly absent. So was communication from Lowe’s. Calls updating me on status had abruptly ceased. My messages to that person were never returned.

I’d call the local store, but they kept referring me to Lakyn at the 800 number, who was ever-unavailable, inaccessible, ineffective and – absent.

Where was my countertop?

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Who responded? Lakyn.

                                                                                                                                                  “I would be happy to follow up with you in regards to next steps.” Lakyn, Lowe’s Executive Support 



But Lakyn never would follow up, and it became clear she had no intention doing that.

She would not communicate with me about my project; yet, she was there at every turn, blocking every attempt I made to get help from someone who would inform me of my project. 
I couldn’t get away from her. It was like being stuck a house of mirrors, where everywhere you turn, you run into hundreds of the same image and can’t find your way out.


As a BBB resolution, I’d asked for Lowe’s to actually complete the project. Otherwise, they’d need to cut me loose so I could hire someone else to do it; but in that event, I said they would have to reimburse me for the non returnable custom materials I’d purchased at Lowe’s to match the countertop they never produced.

In response to the BBB complaint, Lakyn abruptly canceled the project – breached contract – leaving me in the lurch for hundreds of dollars.

The custom paint to match the custom countertop (that never arrived) was already on my walls.

Lowe’s even screwed me out of the non returnable $75 measure fee.

The BBB sent me a notice showing they’d marked my complaint “closed” and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. As proof, they sent a letter from – guess who? – Lakyn. She’d falsely told them she’d resolved my complaint.

“On August 3, 2017, Lowe’s Executive Support contacted Susan Ashline and addressed their concern. Lowe’s considers this matter closed.” Lakyn, Lowe’s Executive Support

To try to recoup my financial losses, I filed a complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office. Know who responded? You guessed it.

Lakyn sent the same lie – word for word – to the North Carolina Department of Justice.

“On August 3, 2017, Lowe’s Executive Support contacted Susan Ashline and addressed their concern. Lowe’s considers this matter closed.” Lakyn, Lowe’s Executive Support 



Having been had for hundreds of dollars, I thought I’d at least get satisfaction by blasting Lowe’s online. Their Twitter feed was directing complainants to a “rant or rave” feed, so I ranted. The Twitter page showed all complaints getting a response.

And someone responded to mine, too. Can you guess who?

“I was in receipt of your social media complaint, if you do have any questions or concerns about your installation, please feel free to contact me… ” Lakyn, Lowe’s Executive Support

Then, someone obliterated my rant from the page, never to be seen again.

Ultimately, I hired a local contractor, and it saved me about $1000. The lesson here: If you don’t use Lowe’s for home improvement projects, you’ll save a ton of money – and headaches.

UPDATE: I posted the link to this blog on the Lowe’s Rant or Rave feed and got this response.

“Your comments have been added to the notes for your existing case manager.”

Can anyone guess who that would be?


5 thoughts on “A Lowe’s Home Improvement Horror Story

  1. I haven’t shopped at Lowe’s since maybe 1999, I think that was the year I went cash in hand, (it took me a couple of years to save up the $2000 that I figured it would cost me to buy cupboards and counter tops) to pick out and purchase them. Wandered around a bit, put my name of the queue to speak to a specialist and place my order. Almost an hour later and I would be next, the available specialist got up from his desk and walked away never to be seen again. I had my granddaughter with me (a toddler) and my daughter who was doing her best to keep that active little girl from destroying the place and decided I wasn’t waiting any longer, went to the customer service desk, complained that I had waited over an hour to speak to someone so I could order my cupboards and counter tops, that I had cash in hand and if I didn’t see someone in the next few minutes I would take my business to Home Depot. Well I placed my order (with a small discount for my inconvenience), paid for it and waited for the delivery date. They were unboxed and I discovered one was damaged, called Lowe’s and they said they would send someone out to repair it. I said I didn’t pay for repaired goods, I paid for new goods and they will reorder it and pick up the damaged one when they deliver the new one. Cupboards were installed by my son and a friend, one counter top was about 2 inches too short, it seems someone forgot to factor in the spacer (which they added to my order) at the corner of two of the cupboards and just sent the counter top at the measurements I gave without adding on the inches added by the spacer. They sent a new counter top, we got to keep the short one that didn’t fit in my kitchen.
    I haven’t set foot in a Lowe’s since then and if Lowe’s is the only place that carries something I thought I needed, I guess I really don’t need it. While your saga is far more ugly than mine, I do know your pain!

  2. Let me tell you about my experience. I had my flooring replaced last August. They told me not to take out the old vinyl, that my ‘floating floor’ would float and I would not have different levels in my floor since the carpet was taken out but not the vinyl. They claimed it would be too expensive and it would be ‘fine’. It was not, the trim job was a hack and the installers would not call their boss about my unhappiness. I was told ‘this is how it is done’ (of course, I am a stupid lady who doesn’t know what I want or need). They finally fixed the mess 6 months later, last week. In the process, they’ve ruined my kickplate to my dishwasher and my pantry door track is broken. On top of that the trim they sawed shorter is now TOO SHORT because they’ve taken out the vinyl flooring underneath. When I pointed this out to the installation company, they said ‘what do you expect? you took out the old flooring now. We don’t fix trim in doorways’. I suggested originally that they fix it by adding underlayment to bring the lower floors up to the laminate over the vinyl floors, had they done this, the problem with the door trim would not exist. How does this ALL become my problem?!! I guess because I am just a dumb woman, one however who does seem to know more than these foolish men ‘fixing’ my floors, but creating more problems. Ahhhh!

    • I am sorry you, like many, got screwed by Lowe’s. I hope more people post their Lowe’s horror stories here. The biggest takeaway: It’s a super bad idea to use Lowe’s for any home projects. Hire your own contractor next time, like I did, and you’ll get quality work at a huge savings.

  3. I worked their part time for 17 years in door and window sales before finally quitting last spring. Everything has just has really changed there. That is the worst “sale that went wrong “story from them I ever heard.

    • I’m sorry you had to quit your job. I hope you found another. There are a lot of awesome “ground level” Lowe’s employees. I have had great experiences with many of them. There were some really horrible ones included in this experience. I just didn’t go into detail. But other employees there have helped me a lot in the past.

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