“Kiss me or die!”


For years, reporters in the WHAM 1180 radio newsroom in Rochester, New York, documented the wackiest emergency calls overheard on the police scanner:

Man blew a kiss at the complainant. Complainant didn’t like that. They argued. Man came back with a shotgun.”

Youths dropping lit matches into gas tanks on St. Paul.”

The occupant from the car is chasing the hood across the expressway.”

Pregnant cat in a box near Conrail.”

Frank and Paul aren’t getting along because Frank wants money and Paul won’t give it to him.”

The man with the shopping cart is now urinating on top of the garbage that’s in the shopping cart.”

Suspicious looking footprints in the snow.”

Two gentlemen fighting over darts at Spenders.”

According to the mother, the father was beating the child for medical reasons.”

DISPATCHER: “Long Pond and Lyell investigating kids in the dumpster.” COP: “10-4. Kids in the dumpster. Wear your gloves.”

Complainant ran over an opossum who is still alive and looking at her funny.”

Woman walking a dog in the middle of the expressway.”

Raccoon fell through the ceiling.”

Man’s been drinking for three weeks, requesting an ambulance for detox.”

Male, white, no clothes, covered in mud, walking around the rear of the War Memorial.”

He’s throwing bottles of shampoo all over the store.”


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