How to Get Free Ice Cream for Life


Look at the bottom of your cash register receipt. Most stores offer a chance to take an online survey and get something in return.

We don’t want to waste our time with the ones that say you’ll be entered in a drawing for a chance to win $1,000. We don’t want chance. We want certainty.

McDonald’s, for instance, will reward you with a buy-one-get-one sandwich coupon. Take the Subway survey and you get a FREE SOFT, CHEWY COOKIE!

But the best deal: Dairy Queen.

We started with an investment of 50¢, and we’ll never have to buy ice cream again.

Dairy Queen coupons do not expire (ignore the expiration date). We got a Dairy Queen coupon for a 50-cent small ice cream cone.

The receipt they handed us included an offer of a free Dilly Bar if you complete the survey. A survey code is listed on your receipt. You have to go online to and input your survey code.

You’ll swipe through some fast and easy questions about your visit to Dairy Queen, and at the end, you will be given a validation code to write on your cash register receipt. Hand that in at Dairy Queen, and you’ll get a free Dilly bar!

But that’s just the start.

When they give you the Dilly Bar, they will give you another receipt. It will say “$0.00,” because that’s what you paid – nothing. However, you can then use the survey code on that receipt to take another survey to get another free Dilly Bar.

How do we milk this even more?

Take the survey on different technology, and you’ll never run out of surveys and ice cream. You can only take one survey every 15 days. To get around that, take the survey on your phone (get your free ice cream and a receipt), and then take the survey on your laptop (get another free ice cream and receipt), and then take the survey on your desktop, your friend’s phone, your work computer, at the library…

In fact, I’ve been told you don’t even need the survey validation code they provide you. If you just make one up and write it on the receipt, they will never know.

BUT – we appreciate free ice cream, so we fill out the surveys.

One important note: You must complete the survey within three days of getting the receipt and redeem the coupon for the free ice cream within 30 days. It helps to use a highlighter to mark the date. But if you’re like us, we’ll never have to keep track of the dates, because we are eating free ice cream all week long!


2 thoughts on “How to Get Free Ice Cream for Life

  1. I can barely believe of all the things that you have written and I have read that this prompts me to post.
    1. It’s DQ, need I say more?
    2. Buy local isn’t limited to food/produce it includes supporting local writers.
    3. Are you promoting ‘getting one over’.
    4. Yes, I have better things to do, see #1.

    • Jeff Wheeler,
      I misjudged you. I assumed a person of even marginal intelligence would know the bit about running around to library computers, etc., to do online surveys was an obvious joke, as was the line about us eating free ice cream all week long.

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