Chest compressions! 1… 2…


For years, reporters in the WHAM 1180 radio newsroom in Rochester, New York, documented the wackiest emergency calls overheard on the police scanner:

230 Lyell for a squirrel who fell off the roof and is injured.”

Female says the male has been there since 1900.”

The Hell’s Angel I’ve been having trouble with? He puts up a fight for a small guy.”

She puts on some kind of show for passing males.”

Apparently she has a hammer and is sitting in the kitchen.”

Male won’t come out of the pond. Apparently now he’s taken off all his clothes and swimming around naked.”

Porta potty on fire.”

Suspect’s hair was in two Mickey Mouse balls.”

Male wearing a mini-skirt.”

Report of burnt popcorn in the microwave.”

Naked female walking toward Driving Park. She’s now put her clothes on. She’s walking with a heavy set man.”

He’s a black male. Goes by the name of Cujo. Jay and Smith for Cujo.”

Guy is being a moron. We’re gonna wind up towing his car.”

He has one leg, and he’s tied to a bench.”


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