“Arguments over who drank the last beer.”


For years, reporters in the WHAM 1180 radio newsroom in Rochester, New York, documented the wackiest emergency calls overheard on the police scanner:

Arguments over who drank the last beer.”

Report of a man slumped over in a car. Slumped over but standing. Chewing on a straw.”

He put items into his pants.”

Three people passed the phone, they all said, ‘Hello,” then hung up on us.”

The suspect has some sort of tail, or hair on his back.”

The neighbor brat is harassing.”

His wife wouldn’t say why she’s doing it, but she’s tearing herself up in the store.”

The man’s got a book and a cane. He’s with a prostitute and they’re having sex.”

She asked the complainant for a few dollars. She’s not wearing any pants.”

Yeh, he’s flappin’ his yap as usual.”

Outside naked, asking for a beer and a cigarette.”

On a bicycle, pushing a lawn mower.”

Male rambling, talking to an officer, something about jail.”

Totally naked in a red sports car.”

Animals on her window. Thinks they’re raccoons because their eyes are glowing. Neighbor saw it, too.”


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