Without a Prayer


Makeshift memorial to Luke outside the Word of Life Building where he was killed.


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Susan Ashline’s debut true crime book Without a Prayer is slated for publication in 2019 by Pegasus Books.

On October 11, 2015, members of a religious cult began their physical assault on Lucas Leonard, 19. The following day, he was dead on a tarp—one they’d placed under him so his blood wouldn’t stain their carpet.
But the teen’s mental assault began the day he was born into the cult known as the Word of Life Christian Church in a small community in Upstate New York.
Despite the crime gaining worldwide notoriety, few know the story behind the headlines. Without a Prayer tells of Luke’s death—and life—and goes deep inside the cult, revealing the leaders’ twisted hold on their followers.

[Susan Ashline is represented by literary agent Lane Heymont & film rights by United Talent Agency]